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Evaluation Boards - Sensors

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Compare Image Part # Manufacturer Description Inventory ECAD Model RoHS Series Sensitivity Note Interface Voltage - Supply Embedded Utilized IC / Part Supplied Contents Sensor Type Sensing Range Base Product Number Package Quantity
109990039 109990039 Seeed Technology Co., Ltd BARE CONDUCTIVE TOUCH BOARD In stock5480 pcs Bare Conductive - - USB - Yes, MCU, 8-Bit MPR121 Board(s) Touch, Capacitive 12 Buttons/Keys - Bulk
ADIS16203/PCBZ ADIS16203/PCBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL FOR ADIS16203 In stock348 pcs iMEMS®, iSensor™ 0.025°/LSB - Serial, SPI 3V ~ 3.6V No ADIS16203 Board(s) Inclinometer 360° ADIS16203 Bulk
TMP007EVM TMP007EVM Texas Instruments EVAL BOARD IR THERMOPILE TMP007 In stock5150 pcs - - - I²C, SMBus - No TMP007 Board(s) Temperature - TMP007 Box
S2GOCURSENSETLI4971TOBO1 S2GOCURSENSETLI4971TOBO1 Infineon Technologies SENSOR BOARD In stock2055 pcs - 10mV/A - Analog 3.1V ~ 3.5V Yes, MCU TLI4971 Board(s) Current Sensor ±120A TLI4971 Bulk
ADIS16204/PCBZ ADIS16204/PCBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL FOR ADIS16204/PCB In stock441 pcs iMEMS®, iSensor™ 8.407mg/LSB, 17.125mg/LSB - Serial, SPI 3V ~ 3.6V No ADIS16204 Board(s) Accelerometer, 2 Axis ±37g, ±70g ADIS16204 Bulk
EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP EVAL-ADXL362Z-MLP Analog Devices Inc. EVAL KIT ADXL362Z In stock99 pcs - 1mg/LSB, 2mg/LSB, 4mg/LSB - SPI 1.6V ~ 3.5V No ADXL362 Board(s), Cable(s) Accelerometer, 3 Axis ±2g, 4g, 8g ADXL362 Bulk
EVAL-CN0221-EB1Z EVAL-CN0221-EB1Z Analog Devices Inc. EVAL MONITOR W/ADUCM360 UCTRL In stock535 pcs Circuits from the Lab™ - - I²C, SPI, UART - Yes, MCU, 32-Bit ADP1720, ADuCM360 Board(s) Temperature, Thermocouple -200°C ~ 350°C CN0221 Box
SENSORSTARTERKIT SENSORSTARTERKIT Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division STARTER KIT FOR SENSORS VCNL4020 In stock3780 pcs - - - I²C - - VCNL4000 Board(s) Proximity, Infrared and Ambient Light - - Box
LFSTBEB8450 LFSTBEB8450 NXP USA Inc. BOARD DEV ACCELEROMETER MMA8450 In stock3980 pcs - - - I²C, USB 5V Yes, MCU, 8-Bit MMA8450Q Board(s), Cable(s) Accelerometer, 3 Axis ±2g, 4g, 8g - Box
CY3280-MBR3 CY3280-MBR3 Infineon Technologies BOARD EVAL CAPSENSE EXPRESS In stock1570 pcs CapSense® Express™ - - - 5V, USB - CY8CMBR3116 Board(s), Cable(s) Touch, Capacitive 4 Buttons/Keys CY3280 Box
ADIS16266/PCBZ ADIS16266/PCBZ Analog Devices Inc. BREAKOUT BOARD FOR ADIS16266 In stock3610 pcs - 1.04°/sec/LSB, 2.08°/sec/LSB, 4.17°/sec/LSB - Serial, SPI 4.75V ~ 5.25V - ADIS16266 Board(s) Gyroscope, 1 Axis ±3500°/s, ±7000°/s, ±14000°/s ADIS16266 Box
ADIS16365/PCBZ ADIS16365/PCBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD INTERFACE FOR ADIS16365 In stock4150 pcs iMEMS®, iSensor™ 3.3mg/LSB, 0.0125 ~ 0.05°/sec/LSB - Serial, SPI 4.75V ~ 5.25V No ADIS16365 Board(s) Accelerometer, Gyroscope, 6 Axis ±17g, ±75°/sec, ±150°/sec, ±300°/sec ADIS16365 Box
430BOOST-SENSE1 430BOOST-SENSE1 Texas Instruments CAP TOUCH BOOSTER FOR LAUNCH PAD In stock2898 pcs LaunchPad™ - - USB 2.7V ~ 3.6V Yes, MCU, 16-Bit MSP430G2xx2 Board(s) Touch, Capacitive 4 Buttons/Keys, Scroll Wheel 430BOOST Box
TMP006EVM TMP006EVM Texas Instruments EVAL MODULE FOR TMP006 In stock4540 pcs - - - - 2.7V ~ 5.5V No TMP006 Board(s), Cable(s) Temperature - TMP006 Bulk
ADIS16220/PCBZ ADIS16220/PCBZ Analog Devices Inc. BOARD EVAL FOR ADIS16220 In stock4590 pcs iSensor™ 19.073mg/LSB - Serial, SPI 3.15V ~ 3.6V No ADIS16220 Board(s) Vibration, Accelerometer ±70g ADIS16220 Box
EVAL-ADXL355Z EVAL-ADXL355Z Analog Devices Inc. EVAL BOARD FOR ADXL355 In stock717 pcs - - - I²C, SPI 2.25V ~ 3.6V - ADXL355 Board(s) Accelerometer, 3 Axis ±2g, 4g, 8g ADXL355 Box
HDC1000EVM HDC1000EVM Texas Instruments BOARD EVAL FOR HDC1000 In stock1466 pcs - ±0.2°C, ±3% - I²C - Yes, MCU, 16-Bit HDC1000 Board(s) Humidity, Temperature -20°C ~ 85°C, 0 ~ 100% RH HDC1000 Box
BRKTSTBC-A8471 BRKTSTBC-A8471 NXP USA Inc. BREAKOUT BOARD FOR FXLS8471Q In stock1213 pcs - 4096 count/g, 2048 count/g, 1024 count/g - I²C, Serial, SPI 1.95V ~ 3.6V - FXLS8471Q Board(s) Accelerometer, 3 Axis ±2g, 4g, 8g BRKTSTBC Bulk
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