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Embedded - Microcontroller, Microprocessor, FPGA Modules

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Compare Image Part # Manufacturer Description Inventory ECAD Model RoHS Series Operating Temperature Size / Dimension Connector Type Core Processor Module/Board Type Speed Co-Processor Flash Size RAM Size Base Product Number Package Quantity
20-101-0517 20-101-0517 Digi IC MOD RABBIT 3000 29.4MHZ 512KB In stock405 pcs RabbitCore RCM3100 -40°C ~ 85°C 1.850' L x 1.650' W (47.00mm x 42.00mm) 2 IDC Headers 2x17 Rabbit 3000 MPU Core 29.4MHz - 512KB 512KB - Box
D8087-1 D8087-1 Rochester Electronics, LLC MATH COPROCESSOR, 16 BIT, NMOS, In stock70 pcs * - - - - - - - - - - Bulk
XP1001000-05R XP1001000-05R Lantronix, Inc. IC MOD DSTNI-EX 25MHZ 256KB In stock773 pcs XPort® -40°C ~ 85°C 0.570" L x 0.720" W (14.50mm x 18.30mm) RJ45 DSTni-EX MPU Core 25MHz XPort AR 512KB 256KB XP1001000 Tray
ATSAMA5D27-SOM1 ATSAMA5D27-SOM1 Microchip Technology IC MOD CORTEX-A5 500MHZ 1GB 64MB In stock1058 pcs - -40°C ~ 85°C (TA) 1.180" L x 1.570" W (30.00mm x 40.00mm) Edge Connector ARM® Cortex®-A5 MPU Core 500MHz - 64Mb Flash, 1Kb EEPROM 1Gb (128M x 8) ATSAMA5 Tray
20-101-0562 20-101-0562 Digi IC MOD RABBIT 3000 29.4MHZ 256KB In stock9140 pcs RabbitCore® -40°C ~ 85°C 1.160' L x 1.380' W (29.50mm x 34.90mm) 2 IDC Headers 2x17 Rabbit 3000 MPU Core 29.4MHz - 256KB 256KB - Box
20-101-0520 20-101-0520 Digi IC MOD RABBIT 3000 44.2MHZ 768KB In stock204 pcs RabbitCore RCM3200 -40°C ~ 70°C 1.850' L x 2.730' W (47.00mm x 69.00mm) 2 IDC Headers 2x17 Rabbit 3000 MPU Core 44.2MHz - 512KB 768KB - Box
G120B-SM-373 G120B-SM-373 GHI Electronics, LLC IC MOD CORTEX-M3 120MHZ 96KB In stock279 pcs G120 .NET -40°C ~ 85°C (TA) 1.500" L x 1.050" W (38.10mm x 26.70mm) - ARM® Cortex®-M3 MCU Core 120MHz - 512KB (Internal), 4MB (External) 96KB (Internal), 16MB (External) G120B-SM Bulk
MOD5270-100IR MOD5270-100IR NetBurner Inc. IC MOD COLDFIRE 147.5MHZ 8.064MB In stock435 pcs - -40°C ~ 85°C 2.600' L x 2.000' W (66.04mm x 50.80mm) RJ-45, 2x50 Header ColdFire 5270 MCU, Ethernet Core 147.5MHz - 512KB 8.064MB MOD5270 Bulk
TMS380C16PQL TMS380C16PQL Texas Instruments TOKEN RING COMMPROCESSOR In stock684 pcs * - - - - - - - - - - Bulk
DC-ME-01T-C DC-ME-01T-C Digi IC MODULE ARM7TDMI 55MHZ 8MB In stock559 pcs Digi Connect ME® -40°C ~ 85°C 1.450' L x 0.750' W (36.70mm x 19.10mm) RJ45 ARM7TDMI, NS7520 MPU Core 55MHz - 2MB 8MB DC-ME-01 Box
DG8065101418900 Intel INTEL ATOM PROCESSOR Z2580 In stock1565 pcs * - - - - - - - - - - Bulk
DG8065101533700 Intel INTEL ATOM PROCESSOR Z2520 In stock2779 pcs * - - - - - - - - - - Bulk
FS-335 Digi IC MOD ELANSC520 133MHZ 16MB In stock15730 pcs - 0°C ~ 70°C - - ElanSC520 MCU Core 133MHz - 2MB 16MB - Box
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