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Compare Image Part # Manufacturer Description Inventory ECAD Model RoHS Package Base Product Number Series Quantity
HEF40106BTT,118 HEF40106BTT,118 NXP USA Inc. IC HEX INVRTR SCHMTT TRGR14TSSOP In stock330460 pcs Bulk HEF40 *
PMST2907A,115 PMST2907A,115 NXP USA Inc. TRANS PNP 60V 200MA SOT323 In stock2126450 pcs Bulk PMST2 *
MAX2105CWI MAX2105CWI Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated TUNER IC DIRECT-CONV DBS 28-SOIC In stock4034 pcs Bulk MAX210 -
MAX2102CWI MAX2102CWI Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated TUNER IC DIRECT-CONV DBS 28-SOIC In stock6055 pcs Bulk MAX210 -
1SMA30CAT3G 1SMA30CAT3G onsemi ZEN SMA TVS CLP 400W 30V In stock5060 pcs Bulk 1SMA30 *
BZX84-C62,215 BZX84-C62,215 NXP USA Inc. DIODE ZENER 62V 250MW TO236AB In stock1894350 pcs Bulk BZX84 *
74LV4066PW,118 74LV4066PW,118 NXP USA Inc. IC SWITCH QUAD 1X2 14TSSOP In stock4200 pcs Bulk 74LV40 *
NGD15N41CLT4G NGD15N41CLT4G onsemi IGNITION IGBT 15 AMPS, 410 VOLTS In stock4250 pcs Bulk NGD15 *
AD680JN AD680JN Analog Devices Inc. IC V-REF 2.5V LP 8-DIP In stock19253 pcs Tube - -
HEF4047BT,652 HEF4047BT,652 NXP USA Inc. IC MONO/ASTBL MULTVIBRATR 14SOIC In stock3980 pcs Bulk HEF40 *
ADV7400AKSTZ-110 ADV7400AKSTZ-110 Analog Devices Inc. IC DECODER VID SDTV/HDTV 100LQFP In stock1267 pcs Tray - -
PZU6.8B1,115 PZU6.8B1,115 NXP USA Inc. DIODE ZENER 6.8V 310MW SOD323F In stock4960 pcs Bulk PZU6.8 *
74LVC1G14GV,125 74LVC1G14GV,125 NXP USA Inc. IC SNGL SCHMITT TRIG INV 5TSOP In stock3970 pcs Bulk 74LVC1 *
PMEG3005EJ,115 PMEG3005EJ,115 NXP USA Inc. DIODE SCHOTTKY 30V 0.5A SOD323F In stock827750 pcs Bulk PMEG3005 *
74LVC1G32GW,125 74LVC1G32GW,125 NXP USA Inc. IC GATE OR 1CH 2-INP 5-TSSOP In stock4160 pcs Bulk 74LVC1 *
MAX875BCSA MAX875BCSA Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated IC V-REF PREC 5V LOW-PWR 8-SOIC In stock10833 pcs Tube MAX875 -
PMEG2010BEA,115 PMEG2010BEA,115 NXP USA Inc. SCHOTTKY RECT 20V 10A SOD323F In stock5320 pcs Bulk PMEG2 *
7-2823056-6 7-2823056-6 TE Connectivity 6P,FOB,SMD W/ LATCH,P&P, MM VALU In stock96680 pcs Box - *
PBLS6023D,115 PBLS6023D,115 NXP USA Inc. TRANS NPN PREBIAS/PNP 6TSOP In stock3880 pcs Bulk PBLS60 *
CY22392ZXC-363 CY22392ZXC-363 Infineon Technologies 7C83900A-363ZZC In stock9126 pcs Bulk - *
TL431AILP TL431AILP Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage IC VREF SHUNT ADJ TO92-3 In stock4310 pcs Bulk TL431 *
ADV7400KST-110 ADV7400KST-110 Analog Devices Inc. IC DECODER VID SDTV/HDTV 100LQFP In stock1428 pcs Bulk - -
AT42QT1070-MMH AT42QT1070-MMH Atmel IC TOUCH SENSOR 7KEY 20-VQFN In stock4430 pcs Bulk - *
IP4085CX4/LF/P,135 IP4085CX4/LF/P,135 NXP USA Inc. IC OVP REVERSE BATT PROTECT 4CSP In stock406000 pcs Bulk IP408 *
AT42QT1060-MMU AT42QT1060-MMU Atmel SENSOR IC MTRX TOUCH6KEY 28-QFN In stock4570 pcs Bulk - *
DS56S+ DS56S+ Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated IC COMPARATOR DL TMP 3/5V 8-SOIC In stock5226 pcs Bulk DS56S -
CBT3244APW,118 CBT3244APW,118 NXP USA Inc. IC BUS SW OCTAL 8BIT 20-TSSOP In stock190670 pcs Bulk CBT32 *
PESD15VS2UT,215 PESD15VS2UT,215 NXP USA Inc. TVS DIODE 15VWM 40VC SOT23 In stock598850 pcs Bulk PESD15 *
BYC8-600,127 BYC8-600,127 NXP USA Inc. DIODE RECT 600V 8A SOT78 In stock116160 pcs Bulk BYC8 *
HEF4013BT,653 HEF4013BT,653 NXP USA Inc. IC D-TYPE POS TRG DUAL 14SOIC In stock4670 pcs Bulk HEF40 *
BAT54A,215 BAT54A,215 NXP USA Inc. DIODE SCHOTTKY 30V DUAL CA SOT23 In stock4190 pcs Bulk BAT54 *
BZX79-C30,113 BZX79-C30,113 NXP USA Inc. DIODE ZENER 30V 400MW ALF2 In stock2351500 pcs Bulk BZX79 *
PBSS4032PX,115 PBSS4032PX,115 NXP USA Inc. TRANS PNP 30V 4.2A SOT89 In stock3950 pcs Bulk PBSS4 *
SN74LS195AN SN74LS195AN Texas Instruments 4-BIT SHIFT REGISTER In stock4980 pcs Bulk SN74LS19 *
5B34-02 5B34-02 Analog Devices Inc. MODULE ISOL 2-3WIRE RTD-IN LIN In stock457 pcs Bulk - -
AD8402AR100-REEL AD8402AR100-REEL Analog Devices Inc. IC POT DIG DUAL 100K 8BIT 14SOIC In stock5000 pcs Bulk - -
BA4907FP-E2 BA4907FP-E2 Rohm Semiconductor IC SYSTEM PWR SUPPLY 25-HSOP In stock3810 pcs Tape & Reel (TR) BA4907 *
74AHC1G04GW,125 74AHC1G04GW,125 NXP USA Inc. IC INVERTER 5TSSOP In stock5280 pcs Bulk 74AHC1G04 *
BZB84-C5V6,215 BZB84-C5V6,215 NXP USA Inc. DIODE ZENER DUAL 5.6V TO236AB In stock2075100 pcs Bulk BZB84 *
HEF4050BT,653 HEF4050BT,653 NXP USA Inc. IC BUFFER HEX NON-INV 16SOIC In stock4510 pcs Bulk HEF40 *
2PA1576R,115 2PA1576R,115 NXP USA Inc. TRANSISTOR PNP 50V 150MA SOT323 In stock5310 pcs Bulk 2PA15 *
74LVC2G04GV,125 74LVC2G04GV,125 NXP USA Inc. IC DUAL INVERTER 6TSOP In stock477850 pcs Bulk 74LVC2 *
1SMB33CAT3G 1SMB33CAT3G onsemi ZEN SMB TVS CLP 600W 33V In stock4500 pcs Tape & Reel (TR) 1SMB33 *
90635-1261 90635-1261 Molex 1.27MM QF50 REC VT PRLD POLZ .1G In stock36380 pcs Tray - *
HEF4015BT,653 HEF4015BT,653 NXP USA Inc. IC STATIC SHIFT REG 4BIT 16SOIC In stock4770 pcs Bulk HEF40 *
74LVC08APW,118 74LVC08APW,118 NXP USA Inc. IC GATE AND 4CH 2-INP 14-TSSOP In stock4710 pcs Bulk 74LVC0 *
35313-0260 35313-0260 Molex 3.96MM HDER STR SHROUDED 3531302 In stock261440 pcs Bulk - *
LM2576TV-005 LM2576TV-005 onsemi IC REG SW 3A 5V STEPDOWN TO220-5 In stock4600 pcs Tube LM2576 -
1SMC48AT3G 1SMC48AT3G onsemi TVS ZENER UNIDIR 48V 1500W SMC In stock4280 pcs Bulk 1SMC48 *
BYV25D-600,118 BYV25D-600,118 NXP USA Inc. DIODE RECT 600V 5A DPAK In stock128220 pcs Bulk BYV25 *
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