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Compare Image Part # Manufacturer Description Inventory ECAD Model RoHS Series Accessory Type For Use With/Related Products Base Product Number Package Quantity
HFBR-4522Z HFBR-4522Z Broadcom Limited HDWR V-LINK PORT PLUGS 1=500PC In stock476 pcs - Plug Plastic Optical Fiber, Versatile Link HFBR-4522 Bulk
HLMP-1050 HLMP-1050 Broadcom Limited LED HOUSING 3MM RT ANGLE MOUNT In stock208900 pcs HLMP-1050 LED - Holder, Mounting Clip 3mm, T-1 LED HLMP-1050 Bulk
AFBR-390525RZ AFBR-390525RZ Broadcom Limited FIBER OPTIC RECEIVER 5MBAUD In stock2401 pcs - Galvanic Insulation Link - AFBR-390525 Bulk
AFBR-390550RZ AFBR-390550RZ Broadcom Limited FIBER OPTIC RECEIVER 5MBAUD In stock2359 pcs - Galvanic Insulation Link - AFBR-390550 Bulk
HLMP-5029 HLMP-5029 Broadcom Limited HOUSING RA FOR 5MM HIGH DOME LED In stock195960 pcs HLMP-5029 LED - Holder, Mounting Clip 5mm, T-1 3/4 LED HLMP-5029 Bulk
HFBR-4120Z HFBR-4120Z Broadcom Limited HDWR V-LINK PLUG HFBR-0400 ST In stock150070 pcs - Plug HFBR-14xx Transmitters, HFBR-24xx Receivers HFBR-4120 Bulk
AFBR-395050RZ AFBR-395050RZ Broadcom Limited FIBER OPTIC RECEIVER 50MBAUD In stock1756 pcs - Galvanic Insulation Link - AFBR-395050 Bulk
FTRJ-0019-7-BS2 Finisar Corporation PLUGGABLE TRANSCEIVER (SFP) ELEC In stock3800 pcs - Enclosure SFP+ Modules FTRJ-0019 Bulk
AFBR-4594Z Broadcom Limited POLISHING KIT In stock7290 pcs - Concentrator AFBR-4526Z AFBR-4594 Bulk
HFBR-4411 Broadcom Limited HDWR V-LINK NUTSWASHERS 100EA ST In stock5290 pcs - Mounting Hardware HFBR-14xx Transmitters, HFBR-24xx Receivers - Bulk
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