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    Focus on the Electronic Component area for 10+ Years

    Allelco is an internationally famous one-stop procurement service distributor of hybrid electronic components, committed to providing comprehensive component procurement and supply chain services for the global electronic manufacturing and distribution industries, including global top 500 OEM factories and independent brokers. Relying on advanced information technology, years of market experience, professional management team and advanced inventory management technology, Allelco is dedicated to providing customers with one-stop supporting services for electronic components at competitive prices... Learn More
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    Enterprise TeamIn 2021, all employees took a group photo at the company's annual meeting
    In 2021, all employees took a group photo at the company's annual meeting


    Through third-party certification, we strictly control the quality of products and services.
    Your Faithful Supply Chain Partner
    Efficient Supply Management
    Cost-Saving Procurement
    Fast Sourcing & Delivery
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    Announcement Allelco's official website's new version has launched! New service, new concept, for your service!
    Dear Valued Customer, We sincerely welcome you to visit the official website of ALLELCO LIMITED: As a company focusing on electro... More news >
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    Order Number: 202312037162 Part: BGTS2000M25 Logistics: DHL Shipping time: Dec 3, 2023
    Order Number: 202312035020 Part: BFB1212GH-A Logistics: UPS Shipping time: Dec 3, 2023
    Order Number: 202312036859 Part: MC75T03B Logistics: DHL Shipping time: Dec 3, 2023
    Order Number: 202312036732 Part: LTM230HL08 Logistics: UPS Shipping time: Dec 3, 2023
    Order Number: 202312037744 Part: F-51553GNBJ-LW-AB Logistics: DHL Shipping time: Dec 3, 2023
    Order Number: 202312030345 Part: ELG-75-48A Logistics: UPS Shipping time: Dec 3, 2023
    Order Number: 202312033816 Part: M39006/22-0365 Logistics: DHL Shipping time: Dec 3, 2023
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