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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our frequently asked questions. If you need more information or detail, please get in touch with us for further assistance.

Is your company ISO certified?

Yes, ALLELCO has been ISO-compliant. Please refer to

In the field of electronic component supply, what is a Franchised Distributor?

An electronic component manufacturer licenses a franchised distributor to be an exclusive supplier of their products. Unlike Allelco, an independent electronics distributor who can search the world for parts, the franchised distributor can only source their own inventory and the factory for that manufacturer's products. If they are out of stock, the branched distributor and the client are stuck waiting for the next supply delivery or allocation releases, often too late to meet the client’s need.

What is the role of an Independent Distributor?

The electronic components that clients seek have frequently been discontinued, allocated, made subject to long lead times, or unavailable. As an independent distributor, Allelco strives to supply such hard-to-find and in-demand products by foreseeing the need, purchasing and stocking the products, and being able to provide them to our clients when needed. Allelco will also search its global contact database to find the products elsewhere if the client's requested items are out of stock.

Why would you want to choose Allelco over a Franchised Distributor?

Sometimes timing can be everything, even more so when you are up against a deadline. You can depend on Allelco to come through to satisfy your electronic component needs. We offer many Value-Added Services, and with our goal to keep our product sourcing speed impressive, our prices competitive, and our services incomparable, why go anywhere else?

How large of an order does Allelco require?

Whether you need only one or one thousand parts, at Allelco, your order is important to us. As a trusted electronic component distributor, we understand that meeting your product needs, large or small, helps build a great client/distributor relationship. At Allelco, that's what we strive for.

What is it that makes Allelco your best choice?

At Allelco, we believe in treating clients and their requests individually. Whether a client needs their order assembled and delivered tomorrow or just in time to meet their deadline, our electronic component distributor process shows how the client wants it. Personally satisfying a client's electronic components need is always Allelco's top priority.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes, PayPal is the fastest way and protects your benefit; you can trust us; we can accept PayPal when the order is below USD1000.00, for PayPal’s fees is high; if more than US$1000.00, we advise you to use payment via Telegraphic Transfer to our ALLELCO LIMITED account.

How do I use your part search utility?

It’s simple: enter the manufacturer part number into the search box and click “Search.” You will get a set of results (or if there is only one match, you will be taken directly to the item detail page), locate the part you are looking for, then click “Select.” This will take you to the item detail page, where you can see the quantities we have in stock and available. Then you can submit a quote request, and a sales associate will contact you shortly with the price and delivery.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept payment via Paypal, COD, and wire transfers. Please refer to

Can I get Net terms?

We have many customers ranging from ongoing repeat customers to one-time buyers. Net Terms can be extended to repeat customers following successful payment history with us.
We appreciate your support. If any more questions, please email us. Our Email address: is [email protected]. Welcome your inquiries.

How long is my quote good for?

The quote you receive from us is good for 24 hours. The market price can change daily depending on supply and demand. In most cases, if you come back in 2-10 days and the parts that we quoted you are still available, we can honor our quote. In other cases, you might come back to order the parts, and many of the parts we were offering have been sold. We advise you to let your sales associate know when you plan on buying the parts, and we can look at putting a hold on them until you are able to issue a hard copy purchase order.

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